These are the easiest cookies you’ll ever make!

When your kids ask you to make cookies with them, you know they’re having a hard time. From picking up crayons and sitting on their hands, to bringing home the wrong homework assignment and forgetting to do their chores, these things happen all the time. But there’s nothing harder than making homemade cookies with young kids. They don’t want to follow directions, they get bored easily (and might even throw tantrums), but most importantly? They just aren’t interested in doing anything fun at all! Luckily for us mamas out there trying to keep our sanity intact as we juggle multiple responsibilities like keeping our homes clean and organized while also trying to maintain an active social life for ourselves — or worse yet — two busy ones for my husband and me… we have this very simple recipe that is guaranteed to make any parent smile in relief because not only will their kids be happy after eating one of these “special treats” but we can also look forward knowing that it took no more effort than opening a bag of flour

These cookies are so easy, you kiddos can make them on their own.

You kiddos can make these cookies.

The kids will love helping you make them, and they’ll be so proud of themselves when they take their first bite. Then they’ll want to help decorate the rest of the batch, which is just as fun! And finally, if all goes well and everyone’s had enough (and isn’t going to eat all 64 cookies), cleanup time comes around—and this is where those extra hands come into play again: We recommend setting up stations around the house so that each kid has a specific task that needs doing after dinner is done cooking (like washing dishes or loading the dishwasher). If you don’t have enough people around your house yet now but still want to give this recipe a try, there are lots more ideas out there for making delicious treats at home with your little ones.

We bet your grandkids will love it!

We bet your grandkids will love it!

You can use any cookie cutter you want, and the fun doesn’t stop there. If you want to add some flavor on top of your cookies, we recommend using our favorite icing: chocolate or vanilla (or both!). The possibilities are endless when it comes to sprinkles—you can use whatever you have in your cupboard right now! If all else fails, just make sure that they’re big enough for the oven (and yourself).

So get the oven going and bring out those cookie cutters, because it’s time for some hot, fresh cookies for everyone.

It’s time to get those ovens going and bring out those cookie cutters, because it’s time for some hot, fresh cookies for everyone. Here are five easy steps on how to make the perfect batch of homemade oil-free vegan cookies:

  • Set your oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 175 degrees Celsius). If you don’t have a thermometer with an alarm that lets you know when the temperature reaches this level, use a wooden spoon or metal skewer as an approximate guide until your oven reaches its ideal temperature.
  • Once your oven has reached its target temperature, preheat it again until all components are ready—this will take about 15 minutes longer than usual due to having to heat up another component (such as water).
  • Use a cookie cutter that resembles one of these shapes! You can also use any other shape if you prefer; just be sure not to leave out any details like rounded edges or base since these features make all the difference between looking good versus looking amateurish…and amateurishness has no place in this recipe!”

First, let’s start with the flour

Flour is the key ingredient in cookies. If you want to make cookies with a crispy crust and chewy interior, you need flour! You can use all-purpose flour or just one kind of baking powder (like baking soda). If you want some deliciousness mixed up with your luscious dough, then grab some vanilla extract and milk—but don’t forget about salt!

Measure out 3 cups of flour into a bowl and mix it with a fork until well combined.

Mix in a bowl 3 cups of white flour.

Mix in a bowl 3 cups of white flour.

Add sugar and baking soda to the dry ingredients, then mix until combined.

What are you waiting for? Get in that kitchen and make some cookies!

One of the best things about making cookies is that they’re easy to make, and kids can do it! You can also make them in a pinch. They are delicious, too!

So what are you waiting for? Get in that kitchen and make some cookies!


So, get in that kitchen and make some cookies!

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