Why Hard Tacos Are The Only Tacos Worth Eating

I love soft tacos. I really do. But, there’s just something about the hard taco that makes it so much better than its soft counterpart. Why? Well, let me tell you:

  • Soft tacos are floppy and difficult to eat; hard tacos have a crunchy shell that helps keep everything in place while also giving you plenty of flavor from every bite.
  • Hard tacos also have better toppings because they’re less likely to fall out! Soft tacos don’t have shells at all, so there isn’t any kind of barrier between what’s inside your mouth and what’s outside it—and this means that if something does come loose from its perch on top of the taco (like guacamole), then gosh darnit it all ends up all over my lap anyways.”

Soft tacos don’t have shells.

Soft tacos are both a type of taco and not the same as hard tacos. Soft tacos do have shells, but they’re made with flour tortillas instead of corn in the U.S., which is what you’ll find on most soft taco recipes (and why they can be so much easier to make). Soft tacos are also commonly served with rice or beans—which means they’re already pretty healthy!

Most people know that there are two types of tacos: hard and soft. Hard tacos have shells made from corn; soft ones don’t (though some people like to make their own). This is because hard-shelled varieties require more time and effort than their softer counterparts, so most restaurants will offer just one kind instead of both kinds at once—which means that if you’re looking for something different than what’s available at your local Mexican joint, try making your own version!

Soft tacos are floppy and difficult to eat.

Soft tacos are floppy and difficult to eat. The tortillas are also pretty thin, so they won’t hold up well if you’re trying to eat them with one hand—you’ll have to use both hands. And when you drop a soft taco on the ground, it will break into pieces that are difficult (and messy) to pick up again.

Soft tacos are not worth eating!

Hard tacos have better flavor.

The first thing you’ll notice about hard tacos is that they have better flavor. This is because the shell of a hard taco is made of corn or flour, which creates a crispy exterior when fried in oil. The meat inside the shell gets cooked with the heat from the pan and becomes tender, juicy and flavorful because it’s not sitting on top of an uncooked shell.

The second important difference between these two types of tacos is that toppings are added after cooking has finished—so there’s no risk of them getting soggy! Toppings include everything from cheese (queso) to sour cream (cuidado) to guacamole (guac). But don’t worry if you don’t like any one specific topping—you can always ask for extra ones!

Hard tacos have crunch, something that soft tacos just don’t have.

Soft tacos are the opposite of hard tacos. They’re mushy and soggy, which makes them difficult to eat. Hard shells are crunchy and make it easier for you to pick up your taco with one hand and hold it in place while you take bites out of it with the other hand.

Hard tacos also have more flavor than soft ones because they’re made from fresh tortillas filled with more flavorful ingredients than those used in soft tacos (like ground beef). And since hard shells don’t break down as easily when they get wet, they stay fresh longer—which means you’ll get more bang for your buck when eating them!

The toppings in hard tacos don’t fall out as easily.

Hard tacos hold their toppings in place, which means that they’re more likely to stay on the taco. In soft tacos, the toppings tend to fall out at some point during consumption.

Hard tacos are not soggy like soft tacos.

Hard tacos are not soggy like soft tacos.

The reason for this is that hard taco shells generally have more flavor, which means you can eat them without having to use a knife and fork like you would with the soggy variety. Soft tacos are easy to consume, but they don’t offer any kind of satisfaction when it comes time to bite down on one—and if you’re anything like me (and millions of other Americans), then eating a plateful of soft flour tortilla pieces can feel like torture after an overly long day at work or school. Plus, making hard shell tacos is easier than making soft ones!


Hard tacos are better than soft tacos in every way. They’re more fun to eat, and they have more flavor (in addition to being easier to hold). If you’re looking for a reason not to eat soft tacos or hard ones, here it is: hard tacos taste better!


So there you have it! The hard tacos are the only tacos worth eating. They’re not soggy, they have crunch, and most importantly they don’t fall out of your hands when you try to eat them. If you want to get the best tacos around, then your best bet is to go with a hard taco. You could even make one at home if you want!

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